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The Virtual Global Nation

Imagine a world where every voice shapes our shared future. The Virtual Global Nation (VGN) is based on a paradigm shift, uniting humanity under a digital and real-world open bottom-up democracy. It is part of the Planetary Solution Model (PSM). Through a secure online platform, planetary citizens, and citizens of humanity may vote on issues through issue-centric voting (ICV).

Our primary goal is human growth and development. For this reason, "governments are instituted among men". The VGN is designed to ensure existential rights for the individual, the human species, as well as other species, across the spectrum of sentient and non-sentient life. Join the movement, join the VGN.

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Learn about the new land standard, a level playing field, and a space supported by powerful tools and instruments, and overarched by an unprecedented micro-structural umbrella designed to empower a planetary population. Learn why Digital Property is the central organizing principle for our projects. 

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